About the Author

Brief History: Persephone is both the Goddess of Spring and Queen of the Underworld. A powerful Goddess, she is said to represent the different cycles of life: the maiden, the mother, and the crone.

While there are different mentions of how she ended up in the underworld, one thing is clear Demeter, her mother, is said to have reeked havoc across the world to persuade her father, Zeus, to force Haides hand to give her back. However, in all of the myths there one theme that resonates: she chose to eat the six pomegranate seeds. She chose to stay in the underworld for half the year. When Haides offered her half his kingdom to rule as equal partners, she chose to become Queen! Thus, she was bestowed the name “Chaos Bringer” by Zeus. Though, she is known by many other names. Here are a few:

  • “The Iron Queen” for her strong but fair dealings with those who reside both above and below.
  • “Paraxidike” meaning bringer of justice.

When deciding to start out on my journey into pinup I was heavily studying Greek mythology. Persephone’s story was one I found myself reading over and over again. It is a story of a woman declaring agency over her body, her mind, her sexuality and her emotions. She is life, renewal, and death. She is a creator, a breaker of molds. She thinks outside the box! To me she perfectly represents the culture of pinup and boudoir photography!

These styles of photography ask all involved, whether viewing, modeling, or photographing, to question what is considered conventional? Whether it be perceived beauty, what is considered feminine, and female sexuality. As the model one is then asked to define who she is outside of convention! The journey one goes on from deciding to have a photoshoot, to seeing the finished photos, is enlightening, freeing, and beautiful. It is in essence similar to Persephone’s domain over the seasons. There is beauty in all of us, each woman has an inner goddess begging to be freed! Persephone’s Pinup was born out of a desire for all women to seek out their inner spark, find what makes them feel beautiful, and proudly present it to the world!

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