Permission to Pose…Cultivating Your Inner Goddess

“I do not have time for that” is a phrase I have heard from my friends in regards to self-care and self-love; no matter who I am talking to about this subject there seems to be a stigma about women loving their bodies, taking care of themselves, or putting their needs and desires first. I find it incredibly heart wrenching!

I’m not in the business of giving statistics, but the many women in my life that I have spoken to on this subject that at some point or another have been told that they are to be last on their list of priorities; yet still feel the need to be perfect. There is this societal ideology that women mustn’t put a lot of time and energy into themselves while still being perfect, otherwise they require too much maintenance.

However, I cannot deny that I have fallen into this dangerous trap! I too use to believe, and sometimes still find a need to be perfect. I put myself on the bottom of my list, expecting different results every time. Always to be reminded that this isn’t healthy behavior.

The truth of the matter is YOU DESERVE TO LOVE YOURSELF, AND BE LOVED FOR LOVING YOURSELF. Taking care of your needs, your desires, and your dreams will make you become a better version of you. Creating healthy boundaries, declaring your space is incredibly important for your mental and emotional health. By care of yourself, you’re making it easier to be of service to those you surround yourself with.

Below I am providing some quick tips and tricks for the busy woman on the go to help nurture their inner goddess on a daily basis. As well as a list for those who need to be reminded it is easy to slip in a little self-care everyday! This will also help prep you for your upcoming photo shoots:

  • Drink at least 8oz of water in a day, if not more (this is a big one, there is no downside to this).
  • Try and get a good nights sleep. Set yourself a sleep schedule.
  • When you look in the mirror find one thing that you love about yourself; with and without makeup! Affirmations give you confidence!
  • Start a skin cleaning routine(wash, tone and moisturizer)your face day and night.
  • Never fall asleep in your makeup.
  • Once a week do a face mask.
  • Brush, and floss your teeth twice a day
  • Eat healthy, don’t deny yourself treats, but don’t overindulge
  • Get your yearly checkups. Don’t skimp on getting your yearly physical, dental cleaning, and eye exams.
  • Take care of your health physical, mental and emotional.
  • Keep your space organized and clean (this ones difficult for me)
  • Get active 30min a day or at lease get outside!
  • Journal, or write a gratitude list
  • There is not shame in admitting you are wrong, or need help.
  • Apologize promptly to those you hurt in the moment.
  • Meditate and pray
  • Be humble, and always willing to learn.
  • Make yourself available to help those around you (whether it be through volunteering, or just listening to a friend)
  • Make time for those you love. Whether it be through a phone call, a letter, email, text or in person meeting. Show that you care.
  • Respect yourself, and those around you. But know that it is ok to say no. You are under no obligation to do anything that makes you feel unsafe, or uncomfortable.
  • Give yourself 30 min a day to do something you enjoy.
  • Get comfortable being alone.
  • Find a scent that you love and wear it.
  • Save money from your paycheck every week that you are paid.
  • Find something creative to do.
  • Create measurable goals.
  • If you are having a shitty day get showered,and dressed. Even if you are going no where you will feel better.

This list could go on and on! However, I think you get the picture. I recommend picking three things a week to work on. Before you know it you will be doing everything on the list! All of us women are strong, , all of us women are beautiful, build yourself up, and help build the woman beside you up! Keep this in mind as well: you can’t truly help those around you in life if you aren’t taking care of yourself.



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