Permission to Pose…Creativity

The closer I get to preparing for a photoshoot the more and more my need to write comes out. It often comes out in the form of poetry. I feel that it is one of the best ways to get out any nervous energy that I have pent up. It also allows me to visualize what it is I am looking to create! Here is a poem I wrote this weekend:

Changing of Seasons

I walk with him when the knee high, vibrant green grass, swaying in the breeze begins to change to a beautiful golden brown. When it is time for the bountiful harvest to be brought in, and preparation for the long, drawn out months to begin, as the leaves on the trees morph into beautiful hues of reds, oranges, yellows and browns. As a frosty chill enter the air, it marks my time to rest. For I have toiled the soil for six months, side by side with those who farm these lands.  I long for his embrace, as I take leave of the living. With a tender touch, his out-stretched hand leads me to his kingdom below the earth. Where his justice reigns, and souls find their peace. Through the gates, he leads me to our place. Seeds in hand he beckons me forward, placing these delicate, tiny rubies on my lips. The red juice staining my lips, and chin, he gently caresses my face.  Leaning his forehead against mine, his strong arms wrap around my body. His lips hungrily welcome me home. And as there was life above, there is now life below.

I hope you enjoy it! I know I enjoyed writing it!



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