Permission to Pose…Beauty in Life

Hello, these past few weeks life has been beautifully busy! I have started a new job, my baby brother turned 21, and I have been working a couple of new projects.  I HAVE ALSO GOTTEN ENGAGED!! I am so excited to announce in December of 2019 I will be marrying the love of my life!

Now, that doesn’t mean I will be stepping away from my blog or from my modeling. As I said before I am truly trying to keep up with all that has been presented to me. However, I just want to take a moment to say how grateful I am for everything I have been given. Hard work and faith are a beautiful thing, and one will never know where life will take them! I know it isn’t pin-up/boudoir related but in order to catch a picture one just need to look at the beauty surrounding them for inspiration.

Now, for my Alice inspired shoot, I have been waiting for warmer weather in order to shoot. I am a bit adverse to posing outside in lingerie when it is under 50 degrees. I am impatient to get it done but I know it will happen when the weather is right! I am also planning an engagement photo shoot and wedding boudoir shoot. While I will be posting my engagement pictures, my wedding boudoir shoot will photos will not be shown for the first year of my marriage, or until he is alright with me sharing them. This is done out of respect for my future husband. I feel as though those photos are his to savor in privacy since they are a gift to him for our wedding!

However, there will be other shoots to share, so don’t be dismayed! I will also be sharing our wedding photos when we get them! I am so excited for this new phase of life and to be sharing it with all of you!





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