Permission to Pose…A New Venture

I had new experience in the photography world on Friday! I have been so excited to share my venture with all of you, however, I had to learn the value of patience: I got to photograph a photo-shoot which is being used for advertising!! 

It started out as an offer by my friend and photographer Christina, who owns the Studio Alias Josie to be the subject for advertising for a marijuana dispensary.  Because I do not use I turned the offer down. She and I had a conversation a few days later where I was asked if I might be willing to shoot her as the subject. I agreed! So, on 4/20, I headed out to where we were shooting.

We weren’t really sure what it was that we wanted to shoot when we first got started. We had a concept in mind, but because we were doing this on the fly, we didn’t go though the entire storyboarding process. But the purpose of these photos is to show the diversity in which the vape pen can be used. Since it was 4/20 we decided to do an outdoor yoga scene.

Photo Credit: Lara Torres    Model Credit: Christian Wert
Photo Credit: Lara Torres    Model Credit: Christian Wert
Photo Credit: Lara Torres    Model Credit: Christian Wert

We created this scene from scratch. Everything that is seen in the photos was pulled together in an about hour, with us actually shooting for about an 1 1/2. While I have some photo taking experience, this was a whole new world for me! I learned so much about camera basics from this short time. My biggest lessons were about subject focus, lighting, iso, and their importance to the overall composure of the image. While I had some understanding of it before, this really clarified it for me.

It is my belief that as a model understanding camera basics is so important. While there is so much for us as models to think about already, I think taking the time to understand all aspects of ones craft can really come in handy. That way you and the photographer can speak the same language. I’d like to thank Christina for this wonderful opportunity, you are a doll to work with! As always, the more I learn, the more I am happy to share! Please don’t forget to like, comment and follow Persephone’s Pinup!




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