Permission to Pose…With(out) Tattoos

When I first started my modeling journey at 18 I was “sans free” of tattoos, and as I got older one of my biggest concerns was my desire for tattoos would clash with my desire to be a pinup/ boudoir model. However, the more research I did into modern day pinup/boudoir the more I realized tattoos and modeling can go hand and hand!

Why? Because Pin-up is about self expression. It’s about owning your body and loving who you are right in that moment! I love both of these photos.

Copy of IMG_9333-Edit-2 copy
Photo Credit: Kelsey Mac Photography Model Credit: Lara Torres

Though,  I love them for different reasons. The first photo is my very first shoot, I was shy, nervous, and scared to have my back photographed in such a manner. Two years before that I had been in an incredibly abusive relationship, that ended with me being thrown into a window. I had scarring on my back that felt too intimate to photograph. That was how I knew I needed to have that picture taken. It was my stake in the grown, I was taking back my identity. It also, turned out to be one of my favorite photos from that shoot!

The second photograph is of me almost four years later, I had grown exponentially as a model. I had also grown with tattoos.The tattoo on my back hides some of the scarring I no longer wish to look at; I wanted to close the door on that chapter. The keyhole on my neck was my very first tattoo, it represents my willingness, and desire to unlock my future. The one on my upper back I had a tattoo designed with my favorite flower-middle anemones; my mother’s, grandmothers, and great-grandmother’s favorite flowers- lilies, and, the bluebells to represent TX. To remind me of the strength the women in my family have, and that NO ONE will ever mess with me again. It’s also a shoutout to my favorite book of all time: Alice in Wonderland, by Louis Carroll.

Photo Credit: Alias Josie Photography Model Credit: Lara Torres

Both of these photos are beautiful, both represent different passages of time, both hold meaning. Whether you have ink on your skin, or not, the only thing that matters is when you step in front of the camera you bare the confidence to show your true colors. For those of you with ink on your skin be proud of them! Own your art, for you and they are beautiful. Don’t let anyone shame you into thinking that the work of art on your body won’t photograph beautifully. Because I have evidence that shows other wise. Give yourself Permission to Pose…With(out) Tattoos!!



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