Permission to Pose…Granted

At the end of my introduction post I “Grant” you, the reader, to jump off the couch and get in front of a camera, or a mirror, and start posing! Why?!? Because though it’s cliche to say: practice makes perfect! Make silly faces as you get out of the shower and brush your hair, smile slyly as you perfect that contour or smokey eye, raise that eyebrow as you take a selfie! Get comfortable with your body and your face, learn which side YOU like best. So when you walk into your first shoot, you have some basic self knowledge of what you like or dislike.

Don’t just stop with your face, practice with your body as well, get ugly, make yourself look like a rag doll. Stand tall like a dancer with your shoulders back in a pirouette stance, point your toes. Follow all the way through the position and feel it from head to toe. At the end of the day just Grant yourself Permission to Pose!

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