Welcome to Persephone’s Pinup!

I started Persephone’s Pinup to share my love of vintage photography, the pinup/vintage lifestyle, and Women’s history.  I have always enjoyed reading about these subjects; I am fascinated by people of different eras, society, along with impact it has had on our world today. However, I am not satisfied with just reading about these things! I take a very hands on learning approach to these subjects, so, whether I am preparing for a photoshoot, designing a dress from a vintage pattern, embroidering, or, researching for a blog posts, I immerse myself in my work. Because for me, it’s all about the joy of the process, the end result just happens to be a bonus. 

To learn more about my sewing, photography, and fashion history adventures follow Persephone’s Pinup on WordPress! For more of my work, and behind the scenes sneak peaks check out my Tumblr and my Instagram @persephonespinup. For my embroidery please check out my Instagram @persephonespinart. If you wish to commission a piece, or purchase a pattern please check out my Etsy shop! All proceeds goes back into my running my blog!


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I hope you enjoy!